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Raw Terpenes sets the standard for terpenes in the UK. We’re creating brand-new custom blends and reimagining all-time favourite strains, so personalising your experience is easy.

  • Tranquility

    Let your mind drift away with our range of Active Tranquillity Terpenes promoting calming effects

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  • Euphoric

    Put a smile on that face with a helping hand from our Euphoric Terpenes, promoting uplifting effects

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  • Energise

    Add fuel to your flavouring with our Energise Terpenes! Promoting alertness to boost back your natural spark

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  • Expertly Blended

    All of our Strain Profiles are expertly blended to give you the flavours you have come to know and love.

  • High Quality

    All of our terpenes are imported from California for the highest quality possible.

  • Lab Tested

    Lab tested for purity and quality, all of our terpenes pass stringent testing techniques.